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10 New Year's Resolutions for Naples Visitors

2014 letters with starfish, ocean , beach and seascape, shallowHear are 10 New Year’s resolutions that will make your next visit to Naples, Florida, a vacation to remember. Unlike most New Year’s resolutions, you’ll find these are easy keep.

1. I will try the fabulous corned beef sandwiches at Larry’s Lunchbox — even if it means getting sauerkraut and mustard on my new Hawaiian shirt.
2. I will encourage my beloved to indulge in a day of golf at one of the 80 golf courses in Naples or a day of shopping at the elegant Waterside Shops (adjust the resolution to fit the interests of your beloved).
3. I will get up early and go for a long leisurely stroll along on one of Naples’ 30 miles of scenic beaches.
4. No matter how much I adore the white, sandy beach that’s just around the corner from my Naples Florida Vacation Home, I will get out and explore at least one other Naples beach.
5. I will spend a mellow evening lingering over craft cocktails at one of Naples’ top restaurants, such as the Blue Martini.
6. I will take a trip to the Naples Zoo or the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.
7. I’ll get tickets to see my favorite jazz singer / pop star / bluegrass band onstage at Artis—Naples.
8. I’ll stop grumbling that I hate espresso drinks and try a mocha at one of the sidewalk cafes on Fifth Avenue South (tip: pair your espresso drink with a big dish of fresh-made gelato).
9. I won’t just look at the beautiful Gulf  — I’ll get out on the water for an Everglades tour or sunset cruise.
10. I’ll take advantage of the quick and easy booking system at Naples Florida Vacation Homes to find exactly the house or condo we need for our trip and reserve in online (for exactly the dates we want).

The team at Naples Florida Vacation Homes is ready to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions! Just get in touch.

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