Port Royal

Hands down, Port Royal is the definitive waterfront real estate community in Naples Florida. Considered by some to be one of the finest living areas anywhere in the world.

Named for the famous Jamaican pirate haven, Port Royal is nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, one of Naples’ most treasured neighborhoods. The streets of Port Royal carry the pirate theme with names like Galleon Drive, Rum Row and Buccaneers Roost.

Housing approximately 450 estate-sized residences, Port Royal shares its western border with the Gulf of Mexico, providing a restful environment for enjoyable walks on the beach. This is the perfect locale to pause for a moment and contemplate one of Naples Florida’s colorful sunsets.


Port Royal Florida was developed by John Glen Sample who died in 1973. His vision was to make “Port Royal” the finest place in the World to live.

A retired advertising executive from Chicago, Illinois, Sample and his wife purchased property in Naples Florida between 1938 and 1950 totaling about two square miles and for an estimated $54,000. Named for the famous Jamaican pirate haven, Sample set out to market Port Royal to potential homebuyers in his own way, insisting on personally screening and approving each applicant.