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Planning your family reunion in Naples, Florida

Florida family reunionAt Naples Florida Vacation Homes, we play host to a lot of family reunions. They range from formal reunions and celebrations of a big family event to multi-week vacations, with grandparents renting a beach house for a month and other family members taking turns visiting.

Tips for a great family reunion

For those of you planning a big family reunion, we have a few tips:

• Start way in advance (at least a year out) so family members don’t book conflicting events.

• Invite everyone — even those second cousins twice-removed you haven’t seen in years. You’ll be surprised at who’s eager to catch up.

• Plan for early arrivals, and for people who want to linger well after the big party. While your formal celebrations make take only a day or two, people traveling a long distance are likely to want to stay for a long weekend, or even a week or two.

• Divide up the work. Have one family member in charge of renting housing, another planning food, and still others in charge of day trips, kids’ events, and ordering t-shirts or hats.

• Once you know what dates work for attendees, consider booking multiple houses nearby. You may want a big place with a private pool for entertaining and a smaller condo for attendees who want to be able to get away from the parties. Families with lots of children may prefer their own rental house.

• Check out our Vacation Ideas pages for tips on enjoying beaches, parks, nightlife, and shopping.

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