Naples Florida Restaurants

There is far more to Naples, Florida than manicured golf courses, upscale shopping districts, luxurious hotels and resorts, and white sandy beaches. Once primarily a quiet retreat during the winter months, Naples has evolved into a popular — and well-populated — year-round vacation community with abundant choices for dining. You’ll find restaurants offering steak, seafood, ethnic and American fare at both family-friendly and fine-dining prices.

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Naples, Florida restaurants are as varied as they are plentiful. They offer everything from cutting-edge taste sensations to hearty traditional favorites, and the Naples area has attracted some of the world’s top culinary talents. You can sample the tastes of the Caribbean or Italy one evening, tastes of Japan or France the next, and in between, snack on local favorites like grouper and chips or Florida stone-crab claws.

You can experience a romantic evening under the stars at an elegant waterfront restaurant or dine at a trend-setting upscale restaurant that feature wines from around the world. The area has plenty of options for moderately-priced fare and of course, restaurants that feature Florida’s fresh seafood “straight from the docks” and traditional Key Lime pie.