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Savings for Your Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Naples is the perfect location for a beautiful beach wedding. Whether you live here in Naples or you’ve chosen Naples for your destination wedding, chances are you will have out-of-town guests looking for a place to stay.

Keep in mind that many guests groan just to think of the travel costs associated with attending a wedding away from home. The costs of airfare, a rental car, a hotel room, and eating out in restaurants along the way can really add up!

Undoubtedly the biggest expense for guests attending an out-of-town wedding is hotel accommodations. All that money, and what they get is a small, 200-square-foot room with two beds, a TV, a desk and a closet-sized bathroom. There’s no place to sit and relax with those friends from college or the cousins you haven’t seen in years. So everyone ends up in the hotel restaurant or the bar, spending yet more money. Add in the daily internet access fees, charges to watch a movie on the hotel-room TV, parking fees, gratuities and other expenses of hotel living and you can have a very unpleasant shock when it comes time to check out.

Fortunately, there are money-saving alternatives to costly hotel stays for your wedding guests. Here is a quick cost comparison between a vacation home rental and hotel stay for 8 guests, based on a Thursday–Sunday 3-night stay.

Cost  comparison

Vacation Rental Home near Vanderbilt Beach Wedding-Destination Hotel on Vanderbilt Beach
One house or condo — Sleeps 8 people 2 rooms sleep 8 people (2 queen beds per room)
Rent for the second weekend in May = $1164 Cost of 2 rooms = $2921
Cost per person / per night = $43 Cost per person / per night = $154

*Cost includes taxes and other fees

Advantages of home rental

  • Dine in and save money. Rather than spend money on dining out the entire weekend, some of your guests may prefer to dine in and share a homemade dinner. Our rental homes have fully equipped kitchens and barbecue grillss, making it easy and convenient to cook and entertain.
  • Get all space you need. Rental homes offer space to sit back and relax. The average hotel room is 325 square feet while our average vacation rental home is 1850 square feet. A private home or condo means plenty of room for members of the wedding party to get ready for rehearsal activities and the special day itself.
  • Socialize. Staying in a home iinstead of hotel rooms means that friends and family get to spend quality time catching up by the pool, playing cards around the kitchen table, or enjoying a barbecue on the lanai. Enjoy late night get-togethers without having to worry about being too loud for the room across the hall. warmly welcomes your wedding guests, whether they’re staying for two or three nights or a week or two. Many of our professionally managed homes and condos are within walking distance of Vanderbilt Beach, and near each other. We can even host the wedding reception itself at our Knickerbocker Mansion in Naples’ elegant Port Royal neighborhood.

Please visit our homes online at where you can request a quote and book online. Or give our friendly staff a call at any time at 888-835-9133, or email us at We look forward to helping make your wedding festivities memorable!

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