The perks of driving in a luxury car used to be something only the rich and famous enjoyed. But that’s changing — and in some cases, you can drive an exotic car for a deal (if you know how to shop smartly). Or, perhaps you have an exotic car at home and you want to


Our vacation rentals are situated in gorgeous neighborhoods that provide you with everything you need to get the maximum enjoyment from your stay here on the Paradise Coast. Get Your Sandwich on at Pastrami Dan’s No table service. No drive thru. No wine. No tablecloths. No silverware. No hostess. No valet parking. No credit cards.


Naples, Florida loves to indulge in delicious desserts and frozen ice cream treats! With Summer temperatures in the upper 90’s, a frozen treat is always the perfect solution to cool you off! Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt Hit’s the Spot! Watching your cold treat start out in its liquid form and then magically transform


Does the smell of freshly baked cookies make your mouth water? Have you been called a “dessert-stealer” on more than one occasion? Does a meal feel incomplete unless it ends on a sweet note? Yeah well, you’re not alone! Besides a wide assortment of high-end dining experiences, Naples has a sweet tooth for the finer


Naples, Florida, on average, gets 55+ inches of rain annually. The average in the United States is 39. Snowfall in Naples is an amazing 0 inches. Thats far less than the national average throughout the United States which is 26 inches of snow annually. Even when it rains there is a lot of fun to


About Lely Resort: Lely Resort Golf & Country Club is home to 54 holes of spectacular golf designed by three of golf’s most legendary names, with the public access Flamingo Island and Mustang courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. and Lee Trevino, respectively; and the exclusive private Classics course designed by Gary Player. Abundant


Naples is known for its luxurious seaside setting. The city has all the trappings of a premier coastal destination – gorgeous beaches, amazing outdoor activities, and sunny skies. It also has some of the best ocean fare that you can get in the state of Florida. On your next trip to the Sunshine State, make


When you visit Naples, Florida for a getaway, you’ll find plenty of exciting things to enjoy. There are beautiful beaches, great outdoor activities, and luxurious beach homes that will make your trip memorable. However, no adult retreat would be complete without a few fun nighttime excursions. These bars and clubs provide some of the best


One of the hardest things about taking a family vacation is finding something that your child or children will genuinely enjoy. With various games, toys, extracurricular activities, and other things always keeping your family busy during your normal routine, vacations have a lot to live up to. As the list of things your kids have


Enjoying your vacation rental home in beautiful Naples FL, and craving a little down home breakfast? We have many amazing local breakfast hot spots. Here are a few highly rated locally owned restaurants in Naples. #1 Goldie’s Restaurant – 5400 Taylor Rd suite 105 Naples, FL 34109 This little hole in the wall gets raves for its food,


The beauty and luxury that visitors find when they visit the Paradise Coast lead some people to believe that it’s best to leave their families at home. However, there are actually many family-friendly activities here, and kids love Naples just as much as their parents do! Here are four fun things to do in Naples,


Whether you live in an urban concrete jungle or a small, close-knit town, escaping to the shore is always a great plan for summer fun. Naples is known as a luxurious and relaxing city. The metropolis and surrounding area are referred to as The Paradise Coast for their awe-inspiring beauty. Far from the average vacation


When you visit Naples, FL, you’ll find that there is no shortage of culture, beauty, or activity in this luxurious city. When you’re planning a long-term stay, there are also many amazing places to visit nearby. Ft. Myers is a popular destination for travelers and makes for a great day trip from Naples. When you


Lakewood Country Club of Naples is a gorgeous place to get outside and raise your heart rate on the Paradise Coast. With so many amazing sporting facilities available, time spent here is almost guaranteed to be both fun and good for you. Come take advantage of everything the club offers during your next trip to


If you’re traveling to Naples for a fishing trip, there’s no need to worry about transporting all of your equipment and supplies with you. Like many exceptional coastal communities, Naples, Florida has several ways to experience the amazing fishing you’ll find on the Paradise Coast. This guide will point you in the direction of some


Sometimes a quick walk along the shore or a glimpse of the sun setting over the ocean is enough to satisfy a craving for the beach. However, every now and then the ocean-starved soul needs a full day of sun and sand to put their mind at ease. When you feel a need for the


Collier-Seminole State Park is a beautiful, 7,271-acre park located within one of the largest mangrove swamps in the world. It’s a beautiful example of this unique feature of the Paradise Coast. Plant and animal lovers will find much to enjoy during a day trip to this amazing natural preserve. A day at Collier-Seminole State Park


Complementing Lely Resort Golf & Country Club’s trio of captivating golf layouts is an array of superb amenities, including stunning Mediterranean-style clubhouses. Worldclass Golf Courses Lely Resort Golf & Country Club is home to 54 holes of spectacular golf designed by three of golf’s most legendary names, with the public access Flamingo Island and Mustang