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4 Reasons Science Says to Take a Vacation

Have you thought about taking a vacation? Think that you can’t afford it or that you have too much to do? Science says that taking vacations is actually good for you.

Below are four reasons why science says you should take a vacation each year.

A Reduction in Stress

It’s been shown that when you are taking vacations that your stress levels are reduced because the environments and the people who often cause you stress are no longer around you when you are on vacation. There’s been a reduction in stress related symptoms, too, like backaches, heart irregularities headaches.

Prevention of Heart Disease

Studies have shown that people, especially men, who skipped five years’ of vacations that they had an increased risk of having a heart attack than those who regularly took vacations. Even missing a vacation one year can increase your heart disease risk. For women the risk increases when they go six years without a vacation.

An Improvement in Productivity

A study done at a firm that offers professional services discovered that the ratings of employees were better when they’d had vacation time. The performance ratings went up 8% for each 10 hours’ worth of vacation time. When you are happier, you’re going to be a lot more productive and when you’re more productive, you’re a lot happier.

Better Sleep

Disrupted sleep and restless nights are very common complaints. These often happen because they’re worried about work and other things. When you are on vacation, you’re going to be relaxed and having fun. You’re also going to be tired from so much activity, so chances are good that you’ll have a better night’s sleep.


These are the four good reasons why you should take a vacation each year. A vacation can help you with being healthier, sleep better, be more productive and have a lot less stress.

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