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Captain and Krewe Seafood: A Unique Restaurant and Seafood Market Rolled Into One

Captain & Krewe Seafood

Captain & Krewe Seafood

Captain & Krewe Seafood

Naples is known for being one of the best places to eat seafood. It is one of the best fishing destinations in the world, attracting sports fishermen looking for that great escape to catch some great fish. Naples, however, also relies on the fishing industry as part of its local economy. As a result, dining on seafood and shopping for seafood is a favorite past time here in Naples.

During your stay with us here at Naples Florida Vacation Homes, you will want to try some local seafood, either at a restaurant, or purchase some to take back to the apartment to cook. However, what if you had the chance to dine on local seafood and purchase some to cook for dinner or lunch later at the vacation rental?

Well, here in Naples, you can do that very easily! There are several places in Naples where you can dine and purchase local seafood, however, one of the most unique of these, is Captain and Krewe Seafood.


Seafood Market

Captain and Krewe Seafood may look new, but it has actually been around for thirteen years. It was first opened in 2003, under the name of Captain Kirk Stone Crabs. It was initially a seafood market, with limited food offerings. That soon changed in 2014, when the name changed to Captain and Krewe Seafood. In addition to a new name, Captain and Krewe Seafood also expanded its interior to include more seating area, updated the seafood market area with a new case, and added a chic, sleek, modern looking bar.


Dining Room

Along with the interior changes and the new name, the restaurant menu experienced some major changes as well. They now offered their seafood in a unique way. It is very light fare, more like Americanized, chic tapas and simple yet wholesome, lunch fare like sandwiches, salads and soups using the finest, freshest ingredients. Items on their menu include stone crab claws, grouper sandwich, smoked fish dips, spicy Cajun shrimp, your choice of a fish filet from the case cooked to perfection, ahi tuna BLT and garrilty crab cakes just to name a few. They also have a raw bar, which offers some of the freshest local seafood you can’t get everywhere in Naples. This includes boiled stone crab claws served cold, raw oysters and raw clams. For dessert, try some in-house made key lime pie!

Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar

If you enjoyed the quality of the stone crabs, grouper, shrimp, oysters, clams and other items that you dined on in the restaurant, you might want to get some or get a pound or ore of the other seafood items they have on sale in their seafood case. This is at the heart of their business, and as a guest at a vacation rental, you will have the opportunity and the ability to take home some lovely fresh, local seafood to cook and prepare later.

For example, if you now have a craving for fresh stone crabs, you can take a bag or two of stone crabs home from Captain and Krewe, alongside the mallets you need to crack them open to eat them later. If you now have a taste for grouper or local red snapper, order a pound or two to take home to either fry, blacken, or grill later. If you’re looking for Gulf shrimp, oysters or clams, Captain and Krewe can get for you the amount you need to take back to your vacation rental in Naples and cook a lovely, local, fresh dinner that you will remember for years to come.

So, if you are looking for a unique dining spot with great local seafood, and are also looking for a great place to purchase local seafood to take back home to your vacation rental to cook, then this is the right place for you. Whether you come to dine on stone crabs, a grouper sandwich, peel and eat shrimp, or purchase some stone crabs, grouper, shrimp or some red snapper to take back to your vacation rental to prepare for later, or both, Captain and Krewe Seafood will offer you a unique shopping and dining experience like no other you have had before!

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