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The Fifth Annual Naples Stone Crab Festival is Almost Here!

The Fifth Annual Stone Crab Festival is Almost Here!

The Fifth Annual Stone Crab Festival is Almost Here!

Naples Annual Stone Crab Festival is Almost Here!

For those of you traveling to Naples in October, or those of you unsure whether or not you want to start your Naples vacation in October, you might be unaware that there is a stone crab festival coming up.

From October 23-October 25 of 2015, the Fifth Annual Stone Crab Festival will be held at Tin City, Port of Naples Marina, and in front of the Bayfront Inn/Bayfront Naples.

If you are looking for a great party with lots of great local food and color, then you will want to include the Fifth Annual Stone Crab Festival on your list of things to do during your visit.

What is the Fifth Annual Stone Crab Festival?

What makes it such a great party with lots of local food and color and delicious local seafood. You might not know this but, seafood is a major industry here in Southwest Florida.

One of the most important types of seafood harvested are stone crab claws, which are removed from the live stone crab when they are caught by the fishermen (don’t worry, the crabs grow a new one and there are very strict regulations behind what commercial fishermen do to catch them and to remove the claws), then boiled on the ship.

Once the ship arrives back in port, the stone crab claws are then sold to individual buyers, fish mongers and restaurants. Stone crab claws are traditionally sold cold, as an appetizer or main dish, with cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and lemon slices.

Stone crabbing is not only an important industry for the area, but dining on stone crab claws is a local delicacy. Therefore, this is what the Stone Crab Festival celebrates; it is celebrating what this vital industry brings to Southwest Florida, which is delicious stone crab claws that are a staple to the local diet.

Don’t miss out!

If you’ve never had stone crabs, or if this is something you crave every time you visit Florida, than you will not want to miss out on this festival. Everywhere you go at Tin City and Bayfront Naples, you will see stone crabs being sold like crazy! You will get to try as many as you want, even more! You might be able to take a bushel or two back to your vacation rental or hotel room to enjoy!

In addition to the never ending stone crabs you will find at the Stone Crab Festival, there will be live music, vendors selling arts and crafts, opportunities to learn about local history and meet World War II veterans through the Naples Trolley, and get discounts on sightseeing boat tours with the Naples Princess and Pure Naples!

Both the Naples Princess and Pure Naples are popular choices for tourists who want to take sightseeing boat tours of the area, however this is the time to experience them, especially if you are on a budget and traveling with lots of children.

So, come on down to Naples early perhaps so that you can catch the Stone Crab Festival. It officially starts at 4 pm at Pincher’s Crab Shack located in Tin City on October 23rd, and ends at 5 pm at the Naples Bay Resort with festival-related events there.

For more information on the Fifth Annual Stone Crab Festival, please visit their website at See you there!

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