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Finding the Right Wine for the Right Occasion

Whether you want to find the perfect pairing to a meal you’ve created for group of friends in your vacation rental home, or a bottle of something special to celebrate with, there are plenty of places to find the vino that fits the occasion. From a casual conversation with a friend to pairing a gourmet meal with a wine that brings out its best flavors, the right wine makes every event special. You can find offerings in a variety of wine and liquor stores, but finding the resources that can help you discover the perfect bottle may take a bit of homework.

 Keep in mind that price isn’t the only factor in determining good wine. There are many bottles in lower price ranges that have been ranked highly in respected wine magazines and organizations. Don’t be fooled by a fancy label either. When looking over a variety of wines that you’ve never tried, ask a sales person to walk you through the types that suit your event. If they aren’t knowledgeable in their own stock, find another location or simply look for recommendations on the web with your tablet or smartphone.


Speaking of smartphones, there are several apps out there that allow you to get amazing amounts of information on any wine with a few simple clicks. This is super helpful when you’re on vacation and unfamiliar with the selections. Wine Enthusiast has a list of the top 8 wine apps for iPhone or Android. Some of these apps let you get information with a simple photo of the label or a scan of the barcode. You can discover user recommendations and information of each bottle. Some apps even allow you to purchase bottles right from your phone. Some are even free to download or at most a few bucks for a bunch of great features.


Paste has a great list of wine apps designed to help you while you’re scouring out looking for the right bottle of vino. A few of these have the picture snap feature that lets you discover information, share favorites, post on social networks, and get user reviews. Some offer suggestions based on your personal preference and what type of situation you’ll be pouring.


When searching for brick and mortar locations, check out Yelp wine listings for addresses and reviews. Many places also offer a large variety of spirits and beer so you can pick up all your cocktail needs in one shot. Get educated and get into the spirit of the occasion with your favorite vino. 

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