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A Guide to Booking Your Vacation at the Right Time

Vacations are a lot of fun for the family. But they can be very expensive. The good news is that they don’t always have to be. Below are some tips that you can use to know when you should book your vacation.

Save on Airfare

The high season when it comes to airline tickets begins during the final week in April and then goes through August’s last weekend. The very best time for you to buy is August 23, which is when the prices are going to be the very lowest. But that whole week is when the prices for airfare will drop dramatically. This mark’s the end of the highest part of travel season and that’s when the off season starts. That’s when you’ll find the best deals on airline tickets.

Costs for airfare change throughout the year. The lowest cost for airfare is usually 3-4 months before your vacation. It jumps two weeks before your trip and a week before you leave. Sometimes you can get last-minute prices but they can’t be predicted.

Save on Hotel Rates

Usually the rates for hotel will fluctuate a lot less than the airfare will, predictably rising when there’s an increase in demand like during spring break and Thanksgiving and falling during the slacking times such as early in January. If you’re heading to D.C., the prices are going to be highest during the blooming of cherry blossoms and close to Christmas. Their slow time is usually when Congress isn’t in session.

Just like with the airlines, booking your room at least a week in advance might mean that you’re going to have a rate that’s’ lower.

Save on Car Rentals

With car rentals, the prices are really dynamic and driven by how busy it is. The pricing’s optimized so that when someone is booking the last vehicle available they are paying the price that’s highest.

There’s also seasonality to those rates, based on where you are renting. If you’re renting in southeast, the highest prices are in March/April. In the Northwest, Midwest and Northeast, the prices are highest during July/August as well as December to March. Shoulder season is as follows:


  • After spring break
  • September – Thanksgiving


  • October
  • November
  • Early December

Other areas don’t have any offseason. You’re able to monitor the rates so if they’re going down you’re able to rebook it at a rate that’s lower, since it’s possible to reserve cars without providing your credit card.

Save on Cruise Tickets

The high seasons for cruises are during the summer and in the winter months, especially Christmas and New Year’s. So you want to book a cruise anytime but those times. The prices sink in March as well as August due to low demand. Most of the tickets will be sold during the early part of the year and the prices are high. This is because people are anxious about cold weather and want to go somewhere tropical.

The differences in prices aren’t as dramatic as the prices in flights. The price is going to change more depending on where you are staying on the ship. But if you’re able to sail during January or between Thanksgiving – Christmas, you’re going to save a lot of money.

Save on Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are still a big mystery, since property owners often set the price instead of an algorithm or computer. However, there is a pattern. The prices on the vacation rentals will significantly drop when you are staying in September, and the nightly rates lower a percentage of double digits in a lot of the popular destinations. Vacation rentals’ busy booking season follows the major holidays, from November through December and into January. Though seasonal destinations, like Naples Florida, have an extended busy season up to April.

There’s usually longer booking windows for vacation rentals. If you reserve your rental a minimum of 6-12 weeks before traveling, you’ll have a better choice of inventory. The demand and prices will drop after and before the peak weekends for travel. Also booking direct with the property manager can save you money too.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ways that you can save some money when you are booking a vacation. They are going to help you with having a great time with your family and friends and have a great vacation without spending a lot of money.

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