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4 Haunted Places in Naples Florida You Have to See

haunted places in naples florida

Naples, FL is full of sunshine, beaches, shopping, and outdoor Halloween activities. But, when the sun goes down, there are a few places where the living aren’t the only visitors. Some local haunted places in Naples Florida have hidden histories and rumors of tragic events that still linger. Hauntings and creepy places lure in many to observe their paranormal antics, and Naples is a historic place to find it, too. So, if you’d like to do a little paranormal investigation, leave the safety of your comfortable vacation rental home and check out these haunted places in Naples.

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4 Haunted Places in Naples Florida to Visit

1. Historic Palm Cottage

Address: 137 12th Ave. South Naples

Known as the oldest house in Naples, The Palm Cottage was built in 1895 by a founding resident, Walter N. Haldeman. It’s now a museum run and under the preservation of the Naples Historical Society. It was constructed of tabby mortar, which is handmade concrete that consists of sand, shells, and water. It is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. During renovations, it is said that tools would be mysteriously moved and cold spots would chill workers in various locations throughout the home. Docent-guided tours are given every Tuesday – Saturday afternoon.

2. Cracker Barrel

Address: #117 near 3845 Tollgate Boulevard off Interstate 75 in Naples

Known for feeding thousands of hungry travelers and locals, this Cracker Barrel has a gruesome and tragic past. Murders of innocent employees rocked the small community back in 1995 and though the locals want to put the past behind them, it seems that certain spirits have other ideas. Items that move on their own, a freezer door that opens on its own, and a general feeling of despair occasionally remind the current employees what happened so many years ago.

3. Koreshan State Historic Site

Address: 3800 Corkscrew Rd., State Highway 41, Estero (20 miles from Naples)

A self-proclaimed messiah, religious cult, and commune built in 1894 are all ingredients to a recipe of fear. This park has a torrid past that includes a new religion and followers that were so dedicated to their leader that they kept his body on display after his death, awaiting his resurrection. Visitors have reported seeing shadow people, voices, and unexplained orbs.

4. Haunted Apparition Hunters

Not a location, but rather a Naples paranormal investigation group. This group is located in South Florida and investigates paranormal activity throughout the state. They specialize in collecting evidence of the supernatural and helping those who are troubled by uneasy spirits.

Plan Your Spooky Escape to Naples This Fall

Whether it’s for Halloween or a milder autumn trip, a time spent in Naples in the Fall is a fantastic idea. Get your fill of these haunted places in Naples Florida or relax in your beautiful vacation rental from Naples Florida Vacation Homes. We’ll get you set up with the perfect place to stay for you and yours. So, browse our available vacation homes and see for yourself the quality you’ll enjoy. Contact us today to book your Naples getaway!

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