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How to Plan a Golf Trip to Naples

As you’ve probably heard, this winter is once again going to be very cold. Therefore, if you love the outdoors, especially golfing, you might want to spend the winter somewhere warm like Naples Florida.

If you are an avid golfer and you’re tired of dreaming of teeing off on the green and the feel of the warm sun on your back while you are watching the snow flurries fall outside of your office window, spending your winter with a golf getaway in Naples, Florida might be for you!

Why is Naples, Florida such a great golfing destination, especially during the winter time? Located off the Southwest Florida coast facing the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is sunny and warm all year long, even during the winter! At the lowest, temperatures in Naples fall about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but normally the temperatures are between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit!

Therefore, most days are shinny and warm like a late Northern summer or early fall: no snow, no rain, and lots of sunshine! Therefore, if you love to golf or do any sort of outdoor activities, you can do them all year long, without the interruption of a long, snow-deluged winter! Furthermore, Naples attracts golfers from around the world because we have some of the best golf courses that are open all year-long without much weather interruptions.

So, are you ready to go on your extended golf getaway this winter yet? Well, if you are ready to start booking, here are some things you need to know to help you get started.

1. Decide where you want to stay

First, you need to decide whether you want to stay in an all-inclusive golfing resort, visit a few of the public golf courses, or go to one of the private golf courses during your visit. In order to make your choice, you need to consider your budget, what kind of golfer you are, and what your needs are in regards to a vacation and for a golf getaway.

For the most luxurious ultimate experience for the golfing enthusiast, you might want to consider doing a golfing getaway package with one of the several resorts in Naples that offer golfing onsite. For the golfer who is confident in his/her playing abilities yet wants to pick and choose where he/she plays without a package, might want to include finding accommodation in Naples and obtaining temporary membership with one of the private golfing clubs in the area.

If you’re a great golfer and you want to play for the love of the game without all the high expenses, you might want to find accommodations in Naples and look into playing at several of the public golf courses in the area.

2. Bringing versus renting gear

Second, you need to decide whether you are going to take your own golfing gear with you, or if you need gear provided to you. If you need gear provided for you because you don’t own any or can’t afford to bring it with you, consider booking your golfing getaway either at a golfing resort or book a tee time with a private club. If you can afford to bring your own gear or prefer it, either book a tee time at a public golf course, do a golfing resort or book a tee time at a private golf course.

3. Do you need golfing instruction?

Third, you need to think of what kind of golfer you want and your needs. For example, are you a very experienced golfer, good enough to play professional golf or are you an intermediate golfer? Are you a novice golfer and can use some tips/technique guidance, or maybe you’re an avid golfer that wants to perfect your technique?

If you feel you need any sort of instruction, it is better to book your golfing getaway with a golfing resort or a book a tee time with a private golf course. If you are confident in your instruction or you just want to play golf without critique, just play at either a public golf course, a private golf course without assistance, or book that dream golf getaway at the golf resort.

If you love to golf all-day long, you might want to go for the golf resort; if you want to spend some of your vacation doing more than just golfing than consider looking for a private golf course in Naples and booking tee time there. If you are a casual golfer, or want golf to not be a major focus of your trip, consider going to a public golf course for your tee time.

4. Walking, driving or caddie service

You also need to consider whether or not you need caddies, golf carts or other major amenities while you golf. If you feel you need caddies, golf carts, and that ultimate golfing lifestyle experience, you might want to stay in a major golfing resort or book your tee times at a private golfing club.

If you want a more casual, more self-reliant golfing experience during your visit to Naples, a public golfing course might work better.


So, now you know everything you need to go on that dream golf getaway to Naples! All you need to do at this moment is just book that flight, purchase that package or book that accommodation, and start booking tee times! We hope to see you there during the winter season hitting the green here in Naples!

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