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Must Have Items to Maximize Fun in the Sun in Naples

Whether you are planning a quiet time lounging in the afternoon sun, or a fun family outing, there are a few must-have items that make every minute as enjoyable as possible and always remember its healthy to smile!

1. Avoid the burn

Keep the sun’s rays from burning your scalp and look stylish while doing it with a wide brimmed hat. Pair this with polarized sunglasses for an ultra-cool look that works on and off the beach. Reapply sunscreen every few hours. More if you’re swimming or active. Pack your sunscreen and a bottle of aloe gel in a resealable bag and tuck it in your cooler. This way you’ll have a fresh blast of cooling relief at the ready. A sunshade or beach umbrella will keep you cool as you read your iPad or Kindle.

2. Beachside picnics

Pack snacks in a thermal tote or cooler and don’t forget the water. Staying hydrated is important. Fill water bottles ¾ of the way full and freeze them. They’ll keep other foods cold and offer chilled water as they melt. Finger foods make eating on the go easier. Hot dogs, sandwiches, empanadas, and wraps are perfect beach eats. Use wet wipes for quick cleaning and bring straws to avoid sipping sand with your drink.

3. Sandcastle survival

Make a sandcastle kit for the kids using small bowls, plastic utensils, paper cups, chopsticks, and other items to mold and form sand. Bring along a garden shovel and bucket for digging. Go shelling and use your shells and rocks to decorate the sand sculptures.

4. Stay dry and sand-free

Extra towels always come in handy. Using a bed sheet instead of a towel makes it easy for the whole family lounge comfortably on the beach. Folding beach chairs are a great option for reading or just watching the family play in the water. Baby powder will get sand out of your hair and off your feet. It really works!

5. Waterproof your stuff

Zip close plastic bags keep phones, money, and other items handy and protected from the water. Kids can use them to keep shells in they find on the beach. Also they are perfect for storing leftovers or even ice and ice packs.

6. Don’t forget the tunes

Compact, battery-powered speakers plug into your phone or mp3 player for beach-soaked music. Headphones are a must if you want relaxing music or to enjoy your favorite podcast. Use a hairclip to keep your headphones from tangling in your beach bag.

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