Naples Beaches: Bigger and Better in 2014

beach at naples floridaNo, it’s not your imagination. The beaches in Naples are bigger than before.

Florida is renowned for its sparkling sand made of white quartz mixed with shell and minerals. The further south you travel along the Florida coast, the higher the proportion of shell in the sand. By the time you reach Naples, you find extraordinary light, sugar-fine beaches.

Naples takes pride it its beautiful beaches. And for the past five years, there was a lot of concern over the coastal erosion caused by tropical storm Fay in 2008 and subsequent storms that hit the Florida coast.

To restore the white, sandy beaches for which Naples is famous, city commissioners voted in 2013 to add more than 200,000 cubic feet of sand to areas along Vanderbilt Beach, Park Shore beach, and Naples beaches. Pelican Bay is doing an additional beach restoration project.

More than 15,000 dump-truck loads of sand dug from an Imokalee mine were added to the beaches in a project that began in October and concluded in early December.

The results are already apparent, with the beaches ready for the holidays and the busy winter season.

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