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Taking off in Naples with a Water Jet Pack

So you’re on vacation and want to do something extraordinary. Something you may never get the chance to do anywhere else. You’ve done the tours, you’ve gone to the hot restaurants, and you’ve spent some time skiing or boating. But have you flown with a water propelled jet pack? No? Well, at Captain CJ’s Everglades Jet Pack Adventures you can get your chance.

You may have seen it on YouTube, a real jet pack flying by the power of water propulsion. Now you can experience this ride for yourself. The JetLev R200 provides up to 420 pounds of thrust that lifts you in the air above the water up to 30 feet! Instructors show you exactly how to operate the jet pack and guide you through every step of your experience. It’s truly a unique adventure that isn’t readily available anywhere else.

Its ingenious design starts with a pump that’s actually a floating power unit that follows you as you fly, so you have complete freedom on the water. A hose connects the power unit to the backpack, recirculating the water and pumping it out through high pressure nozzles. The handles of the pack are easy to use and provide smooth turning. The motorcycle-style throttle gives you a firm grip on the amount of propulsion and height you want at any given time during your ride.

The videos are impressive, happy riders jetting over the open water like the Rocketeer. But how easy is it to master? Apparently there’s a bit of a learning curve. Checking out the reviews on, it takes a little time to master the controls and lift out of the water. This adventure gets high marks from most every review, with special kudos going to the staff. When learning, most have said the staff was very patient and informative. In fact, you get a completely guided experience as the Captain talks you through your ride via an earpiece in the helmet. The ride is set in a controlled environment as well; you won’t be jetting out to sea and waving to the yachts cruising by on this excursion. Be prepared to fork over at least a few hundred dollars for a 30 minute blast. If possible, you may want to try this a few times, as the first experience may be simply learning to fly. Your next outings will have you flying like a superhero via the power of hydrodynamics.

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