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Seas the day with a Beach Vacation


The warm sun smiles on Naples, making it the perfect destination for lovers of water. With a variety of beaches to choose from, you can find plenty of opportunity to enjoy the feeling of splashing, sunbathing, and maybe even experience a breathtaking sunset. Book your dream vacation home today and make some lifelong memories.

Whether you lead a coastal life or reside in a landlocked state, nothing feeds the soul quite like a visit to the beach. Lucky for you, Naples has you covered, featuring some of the best (and cleanest) beaches in the country. Blue gulf waters, warm sand, and plenty of shells for souvenirs make Florida beaches a true destination.

beachitemsVanderbilt Beach includes great access and convenient parking. There are no food vendors on site, but that means you get to plan the perfect picnic lunch. Recreational activities abound – soif you want to parasail, kayak, or paddleboard, Vanderbilt Beach is the place to be.

Local advice: Come early to get a good spot, as it can get a bit crowded.

Barefoot Beach is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. Wildlife is plentiful here, and chances are you’ll have the opportunity to spot a dolphin or crab. Sitting on a wildlife preserve, it’s also a gopher tortoise sanctuary. A concession stand means easy access to snacks if you get hungry.

Local advice: Watch the tide report, as this beach is affected by weather patterns.

One of the favorite amenities of Clam Pass Beach is the golf cart service to the sand and sun. If you choose to walk, you can enjoy a boardwalk filled with lush mangroves, birds, tiny crabs, and all the beauty nature has to offer. Kayak and paddleboard rental lets you get out and enjoy the water, while the warm gulf envelops you if you choose to swim. An outdoor restaurant offers refuge for any hunger pangs that may strike.

Local advice: If you have kids or lots of gear, take advantage of the golf cart service.

Lowdermilk Beach is a big, clean beach, featuring an expanse of sand, sun, and warm, relaxing water. The concession stand is one of the best of any local beach, so be prepared for satisfaction. A beachside playground is perfect for little ones, and the remote location means no hotels to compete with for space.

Local advice: Parking is limited and can be tricky, so get there early.

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