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Revs Institute


The Revs Institute founder Miles Collier was born into an American automotive dynasty. Both his father and uncle, Miles and Sam, respectively, are credited with introducing sports car racing to the United States during the 1930’s. Together, the pair were early members of the Sports Car Club of America fostering Mr. Collier’s early passion for auto racing.



An accomplished fine artist, investor and philanthropist, Mr. Collier also spent the better part of a decade racing in an E-Production Porsche Speedster as well as behind the wheel of other vintage automobiles. In 1984, Mr. Collier became the inaugural recipient of the SVRA Driver of the Year Award.

In 1986, Mr. Collier acquired the Cunningham Museum collection of longtime family friend Briggs Swift Cunningham, which included the first Ferrari racing car ever sold in the United States and one of six Bugatti Royales ever produced.

What is now known today as the Collier Collection began to take shape during the late 1980s and 1990s as Mr. Collier continued to grow his private collection of the finest, most original examples of sports cars and ephemera. He soon became widely recognized for his groundbreaking preservation aesthetic, which elevated the original function and integrity of historic automobiles above renovation styles.

In 2000, Mr. Collier began hosting symposia on collecting rare automobiles that gathered the world’s most prestigious experts on preservation technique and theory.

Above all, providing the automobile with a platform that demonstrates the sheer power and influence that this great, modern invention has profoundly contributed to our culture and history remains Mr. Collier’s tireless mission. The Rev’s Institute was founded in 2009 as a reflection of that determination and to serve as a center of scholarly study…continue reading