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Naples Film Festival

So, you want to go to the Naples Film Festival! That’s great, but are you sure of what tickets you should purchase, and what you should do during the festival? That’s, that’s why we’re here! Today’s post will give you our recommendations on how to best experience the Naples Film Festival, and how to choose the tickets that will best work for you!

The Naples Film Festival is hosted in several venues around town during the first weekend of November. For this reason, you have the option of either purchasing tickets at the front gate, at one of these venues ahead of time, or through the Naples Film Festival online. Where you purchase the tickets might depend upon which event you choose to attend and how far in advanced you plan to purchase your tickets.

If you plan on attending the opening ceremony and film screening at The Artis, or the closing ceremony and film screening at The Artis, or the cocktail party at the hosting club on Saturday night, or attend all three of these events, you might want to purchase your tickets in advanced. To do this, you might want to visit or

If you are just interested in seeing the films and the panels, you can either purchase tickets at the door once you arrive to Silverspot Cinema, or purchase them online at

So, what kind of tickets are available and how much do they cost? These are the different types of tickets offered, in addition to their costs:

• VIP Tickets to the Opening Ceremony, Film Screening and Party: $169
• General Admission to the Opening Film: $29
• Saturday Night Party at a local club: $50 in advance, $65 at the door
• Closing Night Film and Wrap Party: $100
• Individual Tickets for Naples Film Festival films at Silverspot Cinema: $14

There is also an NFF All-Star Party Pack ticket offered by Silverspot Cinema, which allows guests to see up to twelve films without any additional fees. These tickets are best purchased in advance, because they do sell out quickly. To inquire about the price, you would have to ask someone at Silverspot Cinema ( or someone at the Naples Film Festival ( This is the best ticket for you to purchase if you at least want to see all of the films shown at the festival. Note that without this pass, you will have to purchase each ticket separately at the $14 rate.

In addition to the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, the Saturday Night Party and the films, there are several panels held on Saturday and Sunday during the festival, in addition to short film packages. It is best to purchase these the day that you are going to attend the panel at Silverspot Cinema, but you do have the option of purchasing them ahead of time through the Naples Film Festival if you wish.

So, you’re probably wondering, alright, this all makes sense. How do I now decide what movies to see? You can see what films are playing by either visiting Silverspot Cinema’s website at, or by visiting the Naples Film Festival website at

Alright, so now I know how to purchase tickets, where to purchase them and how to plan what movies I want to see. How do I plan when I am going to come to Naples to see the Naples Film Festival? The best place to find information on the Naples Film Festival, in regards to dates, the list of films that will be screened at the events, names of venues used related to this event, types of tickets available and how to purchase them, is to visit their website. Their website is