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Everglades National Park

You want extraordinary, educational and exciting; I give you the third largest national park in the continental U.S. – Everglades National Park. With over 1.5 million acres of water habitats filled with birds, reptiles and mammals, this promises to be an adventure of your dreams.

The Everglades is a sub-tropical wilderness reserve with a wide variety of wildlife for you to enjoy. Hiking, biking, driving, canoeing, boating, paddling, tram rides, picnicking, camping, bird-watching are some of the more common activities for you to part take in while visiting the Everglades.

You’ll be able to see threatened species such as the manatee and observe some of the 366 species of birds that live or visit here. Alligators and pythons are also on the list of residence in the park.

Ranger programs are a fantastic way for the family to enjoy the park. Going on a scavenger hunt to check off animals listed like lizards, raccoons, pelicans, manatees, herons, turtles, vultures and alligators is a great adventure for all. You’ll learn about the food web, mangroves, sawgrass, hammocks, pinelands and estuaries. An amazing outdoor classroom full of wanting experiences awaits you and your kids.

As one of the World Heritage Centers, the Everglades National Park is a must visit while staying at a vacation home with  You can book your vacation rental home or condo here at Flexibility is our goal.