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If you love the way your kids ooh and ah when they see fish and underwater marine life at the aquarium, imagine what they will feel when they experience open water diving first hand.

Snorkeling is fun, simple and spectacular fun for the family, especially if you are a sea lover. Just grab the swimming trunks, mask, sunscreen and then go for it.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is a great place to start. Area 2 at the beach is open to snorkelers and scuba divers with hard-bottom reefs with soft corals.  If you’re interested in a little more fun, then take a snorkel boat tour. The enjoyable cruise on the ocean’s surface to your destination builds the kids eagerness to dive in. Your kids will be excited when swimming faster with flippers on and seeing the beautiful coral reefs, sea urchin and fishes like Nemo and Dory in the water. They can also see jellyfish floating close by which is an exciting experience as well as learning about marine life and safety. The fun thrill on the surface of the water will inspire them to experience deep water diving later when they are of age.

For a family with kids over 10 years old, scuba diving is another sport that the entire family can enjoy together. The whole family starts instruction and training before the dive. You’ll learn all you need to know about the equipment and how to communicate with your buddy. Then you’re off to enjoy another wonderful world under the sea. Nothing is like looking at schools of fish, tons of funny looking plant life and sea turtles. How about puffer fish and lion fish, and maybe some sharks! Don’t worry, scuba diving is a very safe activity and so much fun as long as you follow all the safety precautions given to you by the instructor – so enjoy!

These types of outings are not only fun but educational. The kids learn so much about nature. They will be impressed by the stunning beauty and harmony of life under the sea, that it will stir them to be proactive about protecting the environment.