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Tin City


In the 1920s Tin City’s tin roofed buildings were the hub of economic development and transport which was made possible by the construction of the Seaboard Airline Railroad. As a result, this stretch of the Gordon River became the heart of Naples’ fishing industry, including clam shelling, oyster processing, boat construction and maintenance operations.



In the 1970s, seven of Tin City’s sturdy old buildings were transformed to become “The Old Marine Marketplace at Tin City” – a colorful maritime-mix of shops and eateries

Waterfront shopping & dining in Naples, FL

Tin City is a popular tourist destination in Naples. Located near Fifth Avenue South in the heart of Downtown Naples, Tin City was originally a pier built in the 1880s, but transformed into a marketplace in the 1970s.

Today, it is still a shopping center with great waterfront dining and is the launching center for boats run by Pure Naples, a local touring company that runs sight seeing cruises and charters boats for fishing trips.

This blog post will help guide you on where to shop in Tin City, and why shopping here might just add to your experience during your visit to Naples.

There is something for everybody at Tin City

There are several different types of shops found in Tin City. These shops can fall into the following categories: apparel, gifts, house wares and food. Within these categories, we have several subcategories of the shops that can be found in Tin City: In apparel, we find beachwear, bohemian and accessories. For gifts, we find beauty products, art and novelty products.

Housewares shopping

For housewares, we find stores featuring art, table linens, kitchen ware, dining ware, frames and decorative items. For food, subcategories of these shops include wine, olive oil, and sweets. Some of these stores have a combination of the products mentioned here, while others are specialty shops.

Apparel and clothing shopping

One of the most popular shop types are apparel. There are eleven apparel shops in Tin City: five of them contain apparel for the entire family, while the rest contain women’s apparel only. If you want to buy fun, beach inspired clothing for the entire family, you will want to shop at Bondi surf, Captain’s Closet, Caribongo, Peace Frogs and Tropical Cargo.

These shops have t-shirts with beach themes for the entire family, Naples souvenir shirts and other apparel for the entire family, sun dresses for the ladies, bathing suits for men, women and children, and Hawaiian shirts for men. If you love shopping for bohemian apparel either for yourself or that someone special in your life, you must visit Jungle Fever, The Osprey, City Bags of Naples, and Tin City Market.

These shops sell apparel geared towards women, however Tin City Market does sell children’s apparel, as does Tropical Beauties.

If you want to get accessories to go with that outfit, Tin City offers shops for that too. If you’re looking for scarves, hats, shoes or costume jewelry, go to Jungle Fever, Tropical Beauties, or Tin City Market.

Handbags and accessories

For handbags, visit City Bags of Naples. If you are looking for jewelry, visit Dana Tyler and Robert’s Designs. There is also a perfume shop, called Perfume Palace, where you can find perfumes and colognes in all price ranges and scents for both men and women.

Gift and souvenir shops in Tin City

The second popular shop type in Tin City are gift shops. This is a great place to shop for gifts for your loved ones back home, especially if they like things that are kooky, fun, unique, locally made or bohemian.

If you are looking for novelty products, you will want to visit Tin City Mart, Tin City Magic, Scentchips and More, Tropical Beauties, Best Gift Idea Ever, World Treasures of Naples, and Robert’s Designs.

Local artwork by Southwest Florida artists

If you are looking for local art pieces, visit Art Boutique of Naples, Scentchips and More for the hand-blown glass made by a local artist, Docks by Jen, and World Treasures of Naples for art work from around the world.

If you or that someone special loves beauty products, shops for gifts at the Perfume Palace or at the Naples Soap Company, to purchase hand-made all natural soap and other beauty products made in Naples.

For unique, tropical and beach inspired housewares either for your home or for that special someone back home, there are shops in Tin City that will accommodate your search. For example, if you are looking for beach-inspired and/or Florida styled items to place in your kitchen, visit Deb’s Touch of Florida or Robert’s Designs.

If you would like to get house-ware items like frames, art or decorative items, visit Docks by Jen, Art Boutique at Tin City, Scentchips and More, World Treasures of Naples or Ropo Décor Inc.

Unique gifts & souvenirs

Let’s say you prefer to shop for unique food gifts while you travel, or you have friends back home who love to receive these kind of items around the world from you? For those who love sweet, either get a pint of home-made ice cream to take back to your room from the M & M Café, or purchase some of the home-made monkey bread and other sweet treats made by the Monkey Bread Company.

If you or your loved ones back home prefer wine, purchase a unique bottle of citrus wine or one of the other fruit wines produced in Punta Gorda from the Naples Winery for you to drink back at the room, take home to share with friends and family or as a lovely gift for that special someone who loves wine!

For a unique food gift for that foodie in your life or maybe to indulge in your own foodie fantasies, visit the Naples Olive Oil Company to purchase and sample locally made olive oils and balsamic vinegars with unique infusions like blood orange, Persian lime, blackberry ginger, pomegranate-quince, herbs du provence and granite.