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Four Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental for Your Family

Naples is a great family destination. The reason why is because there are a lot of great, family-friendly activities to do. This includes kayaking, beach going, swimming, fishing, shelling, dolphin watching, boating, child-friendly museums, and nature viewing. However, before you come to Naples, you need to choose the right accommodation for you and your family.

Vacation rentals are a great choice for families because they are often very economical in comparison to booking several hotel rooms; however everyone will have access to the comforts of home. This includes separate bedrooms for everyone, a nice, comfy living room with a large TV set, and in some cases, a large yard, lake access, a pool, and games that the whole family can enjoy. Even though you know this, you are probably wondering: how do I choose my vacation rental for my trip to Naples?

#1: Decide on number of rooms

First, you need to consider how many rooms you will need for your vacation rental. In order to determine this, talk with your family to see who is willing to share a room and who isn’t. Then, go onto the vacation rental site, and look carefully at the description to make sure that you have the right number of rooms and can house the right number of people in the rental you choose. In our descriptions, for example, we show you how many bathrooms, how many bedrooms, and also how many people the property can house at a time.

#2: What does your family like to do?

Second, you need to consider the amenities that your family will want during your vacation. For example, if your kids are demanding that they stay somewhere with a pool, then look for a vacation rental with a pool. If you and your family want to spend a lot of time at the beach, then look for a vacation rental near the beach.

If you have children that are picky eaters, pick a rental with a gourmet kitchen so that you can do the cooking you need to do. If you and your family like to entertain themselves with games and TV, then look for a vacation rental with a nice, large, comfy living room and a porch with LCD TVs. If you need a pet friendly rental, look and see if the rental will accept pets.

#3: Location, location, location

Third, look for rentals with a great location. In Naples, you will want to go to the beaches, check out the national parks, state parks, and local nature sanctuaries, and do outdoor activities, like kayaking, fishing or boating.

To help reduce your driving time, look for a rental that is close to all the activities and sites you want to see during your visit to Naples. On our website, we tell you in the description of each property where the closest sites of interest are.

#4: Pick your budget

Finally, choose a vacation rental that is within your budget. Vacation rentals are normally a more economic choice for accommodations in comparison to a hotel. However, if you are a family traveling on a budget, you will want to look for vacation rentals that work within your price range. In choosing a vacation rental that is economically sound for your budget, consider how much you are willing to spend on accommodations versus airfare, food, travel within Naples, the sites you want to see, and the outdoor activities you want to do. To help you figure this out, you need to figure out if you are going to stay in your vacation rental for several days, several weeks, or a month or two. Most vacation websites, including ours, show you the quotes for how much you can spend per property per day, per week or per month.


This is our guide to what you should look for when choosing a vacation rental for your family during your visit to Naples. Choosing the right vacation rental for your family is very important towards insuring that you will have a great vacation while you’re in Naples. All you have to do now, is start looking for the place that best suits your family’s needs, and pick that perfect rental.

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