Enjoy your vacation even more with local flavor that will get you moving. Good coffee is an art, and these Naples cafes do it right. And while there are other things to drink in Naples…who doesn’t enjoy the jolt of a fresh cup of coffee? Bad Ass Coffee Bad Ass Coffee makes sure their java

5 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Naples

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While planning for your trip to Naples, you are maybe wondering to yourself: where should I stay, in a hotel or in a vacation rental? Both have their pros and cons, however there are some benefits that outweigh that of a hotel that might just inspire you to book a vacation rental rather than a

Benefits of a Vacation Rental vs. Hotel

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Staying in a vacation rental has its perks: you have the utmost privacy, your own kitchen, lots of space, and all the amenities, occasionally more, than a luxury hotel. However, some of the amenities that you normally would find at a luxury hotel, like a spa, might be something that you are wondering how to


A Shopping Guide to Third Street South One of the greatest allures of Third Street South is the great shopping. However, with so many great shopping selections throughout Naples, let alone along Third Street South, how do you choose where to shop in this district? Well, in this post, we hope to help you out


For most people who come to visit Naples, they think about the lovely beaches, the luxurious opportunities for the traveler and local alike, the great fishing, and the fact that it is becoming a great urban escape destination. However, they seem to forget one of the most significant aspects about Naples’ location: that it is


Collier Seminole State Park   The royal palm is one of those enigmatic, iconic trees of warmer places like California, Florida and the Caribbean. Here in Naples, Florida, you can definitely see prime examples of royal palm trees. One of the best places for this is Collier Seminole State Park. Located off of Tamiami Trail


Let’s face it: Naples is a very attractive destination. It has beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife and nature with great opportunities for various water sports and outdoor activities; additionally, there is a beautiful urban city that is very tourist friendly that combines a love for nature, luxury and urbanization in one. Maybe while you sit in


What makes Fifth Avenue South such an iconic attraction that is a destination unto its own? You can dine, shop, take art classes, go to the park, visit high end medical boutiques and attend a theatrical performance all in one place. Every great travel destination has its iconic attraction(s) that are alluring to visitors and


Have you been visiting Naples for a while, yet you are unsure as to what you want to see next? Are you starting to wonder if you booked your trip for too long because you are starting to feel bored? No worries, because we have at least ten suggestions here of attractions less than an


For most of you unfamiliar with traveling to Florida, let alone Naples, you may assume that this is a summering destination rather than a wintering one. You might think this because it is very hot, you can’t think of a reason why anyone could go to the beach during the winter season and there are

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Naples in the Winter

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So, you’re visiting Naples and you want to go fishing, yet you don’t have a boat and/or any fishing gear? No worries, because like many great coastal communities, Naples has renowned fishing experiences waiting to be discovered by you the visitor. Naples offers plenty of fishing charter companies with experienced guides that will help you


The perks of driving in a luxury car used to be something only the rich and famous enjoyed. But that’s changing — and in some cases, you can drive an exotic car for a deal (if you know how to shop smartly). Or perhaps you have an exotic car at home and you want to

How to Rent Exotic Cars in Naples Florida

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Lely Resort Golf & Country Club is home to 54 holes of spectacular golf designed by three of golf’s most legendary names, with the public access Flamingo Island and Mustang courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. and Lee Trevino, respectively; and the exclusive private Classics course designed by Gary Player. Abundant water and swaying

List of Communities in Lely Resort

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