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Sunshine on Your Shoulders in January? Yes! In Naples!

Uh oh. There’s frost on your pumpkins…

This year, they’re already talking above-average snowfall in many parts of the Midwest, and if you’re in the Northeast, fuggedaboutit!! Even “up south” in Atlanta, winter is predicted to icy and nasty. I’m sure you saw last year on the national news how a little ice in the ATL can turn I-75 into a parking lot. The only white stuff on the ground here is – you guessed it – the sugar sands of Naples area beaches. You could be squishing all that clean, salty, therapeutic, good stuff through your toes rather than shuffling through slush, freezing those tootsies off.

Sorry, lllinois. Looks like you’re in for above-average snowfall. Indiana, the weatherman says you’ll be in for early snow and cold as well. Get ready. Astro, Bozeman, Cato, Damon, Eris, Frona, and all their blustery siblings will be blowing into your neck of the woods at some point or another this winter season. These are names ALREADY picked out by The Weather Channel for the snow storms predicted sure to hit the U.S. this winter. Last year, 26 storms were so nasty they got their names in the history books. The year prior, there were 27.

Granted, last year’s winter weather was extreme, and predictions for this winter are under debate by the major weather news services. Accuweather says huge snows and frigid temperatures in much of the Midwest and Northeast. The Weather Channel is a bit more conservative in its forecast, but they say cold and snow are coming and coming fast. Even The Old Farmer’s Almanac says something different, “another teeth-chatteringly cold winter,” calling the U.S. a “refrigernation.”

Average Naples Highs in January = 75°!!

Yes, we know seasonal climate predictions are sketchy. You don’t know who to listen to, but listen to this: We know one thing for sure, and that’s the Paradise Coast will be enveloped in its typical, temperate seabreeze. Naples at 26.1 degrees latitude is as about as far south as you can go along the west coast of Florida before hitting the Everglades. Those sleeveless turtlenecks make sense here.

In winter, Southern Florida is one of the warmest places on the U.S. mainland, with coastal areas averaging slightly warmer temperatures than Orlando, let’s say. January, Naples’s coldest month, has an average low of 53 degrees – downright chilly, if you ask us! We might have to put on some socks under our sandals! Average highs are 75 degrees – mild, clear, and great lighting for photographing your sunny holiday. You’ll get a thousand likes on your social media post with those vacay shots, especially if you capture one of our legendary sunsets or that swimsuit shot showing off your fresh, winter tan. And if you’re the outdoor sort, winter is the best time for sports or exploration in the backcountry. Ooh, AND if you’re the shopping type, you’ll be comfy and calm all day.

So don’t pack those cute shorts away yet! This year, break away from bleak, and come get your season’s dose of Vitamin D. Rather than slipping on a patch of ice, slip into your private pool at one of our vacation rentals. We have a great inventory of vacation houses, all available for nightly or weekly rentals and all on the water or minutes from it.

We could say we’re sorry we won’t meet Gorgon, Hektor, Iola, or Juno (those other problem spawn the weather guys are expecting), but we don’t want to lie to you. We’re just fine where the weather is finer, and Naples delivers a good time no matter what the season!

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