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Let’s face it: Naples is a very attractive destination. It has beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife and nature with great opportunities for various water sports and outdoor activities; additionally, there is a beautiful urban city that is very tourist friendly that combines a love for nature, luxury and urbanization in one.

Maybe while you sit in your comfy chair under your beach umbrella facing the beach, you have started to think, “how did Naples become such a rich, beautiful, tourist friendly city?” Well, there is a museum in Naples that you can visit that can answer this question for you. It’s called the Naples Depot, located off of 5th Avenue South, which used to be the old train station.

Now a museum connected to the Collier County Museum system, the Naples Depot contains exhibits with artifacts, displays and written information that not only tell the story of how the railroad system transformed Naples, but also of how Naples transformed into the luxurious, fun, urbanized tourist friendly destination it is today. This article will go over what you can see at the Naples Depot and why it just might help you to answer that question that has been rolling around in your head: “how did Naples come to be?”

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