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Would you rather not touch vacation & short-term rentals?

Instead of turning down a rental lead – turn it into cash! Most realtors cringe when a rental lead comes their way. The MLS doesn’t allow us to search availability by specific dates. Sifting through tons of listings to only find most are already booked for the ever popular “month of February” is exhausting!

It is also tough to get some of the big rental agencies, to answer the phone or call you back in a timely fashion. If you’re lucky enough to find a helpful rental agent – the RESTRICTIONS (90-day minimum, 120-day minimum, only one renter for the entire season…, etc.) and the token commissions can be make you say, “RENTALS…NEVER AGAIN!”

What about those renters looking for a week or two, or perhaps just a few nights? There are virtually no weekly or nightly rentals in the MLS. Send your client to VRBO, HomeAway or some of the other big vacation rental listing sites only to be faced with a new set of frustrations. Let’s face it, those channels too are inefficient, frustrating and lack local service. You just find it is hard to know what’s legitimate and what’s not.

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We are a local short-term rental company backed by a dedicated service team and we’d even be glad to chat with the renter by phone at 239-676-0088 to answer any questions and help them choose the perfect property for their needs.