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The Naples Film Festival: Independent Film Making for All Ages

Naples Film FestivalThere is just something exciting about going to a movie theater to see a new film, let alone, attend a major event in the film industry like the Academy Awards or a film festival like the Cannes Film Festival.

Maybe it is because films tend to capture our hopes and dreams in an art form we can see and hear; major events within the film industry makes us feel like we are a part of history, because of the opportunity to mix and mingle with famous actors, actresses, directors and other film industry celebrities.

Well, if you love movies and have always dreamed to attending a major film industry event where you can mix and mingle with the stars, then you might want to come to Naples for the Naples Film Festival!

The Naples Film Festival is a film festival that lasts for three days that takes place at the Artis, the Silverspot Cinema at the Mercato, and at several clubs around Naples. The films screened at the Naples Film Festival come from around the world, most of them are American independent films.

The festival does its best to showcase Florida filmmakers in its entries as well, but of course, that depends upon whether or not Floridian film makers entered their film into the festival that year.

Like any film festival, it is more than just about the feature films, but also about the filmmakers and the actors who participated in the film. There are various special events throughout the three days that help to celebrate the filmmakers, the actors that help to celebrate the film industry and its fans. For example, there is an opening ceremony event on the first night of the Naples Film Festival at The Artis.

This event includes the red carpet treatment, a party with cocktails and appetizers, and a premier film showing. The next day, the films that have been registered for the festival are screened at the Silverspot Cinema located at the Mercato.

In addition to viewing the full length films, festival attendees can view short films and attend panels where they can learn more about the independent film industry, and ask questions to the directors and actors in attendance on each panel. Some of the films feature a panel of its directors at the beginning and end, so that film goers can ask them questions.

During the second night of the festival, a local club serves as a venue for a party, where festival attendees can mingle and speak with the directors and actors that are in attendance about their films. The festival ends on the third night, with a closing ceremony and party at The Artis, where one last film is shown, and the winners of the festival are announced.

So, why should I travel all the way to Naples to come to a film festival? This film festival is still very new and small, so it is a great place for the film lover to come and meet film makers. Since it attracts primarily American independent films, this is a great place to not only see this type of film, but also to meet and greet with some of your favorite directors and actors. Another reason to attend this film festival is that it is all about celebrating the love of film as an art, and to see films that you would have to search high and low to see anywhere else.

The Naples Film Festival is held every November, starting on a Friday evening, and ends on a Sunday evening. Tickets to the opening ceremony, party at the club and the closing ceremony can be purchased ahead of time online, or on site. Tickets to the films can be purchased on site at the Silverspot Cinema, on the movie theater’s website, or on the Naples Film Festival website.

For more information, please visit the festival’s website at

For more information on Silverspot Cinema, please visit their website at

For more information on The Artis, visit their website at

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