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4 Reasons to Visit Naples Florida This Summer

While many people shy away from South Florida during the summer months – assuming it’s too hot to enjoy themselves – others have come to find that this is the perfect time to visit. In Naples Florida, the low season is from May through October when the beaches, restaurants and golf courses are rarely crowded.

Your family you will find good deals, wide-open beaches, and accommodation rates far below the average cost of peak season.

Florida is home to some of the top tourist destinations in the country, including Naples. If you’re interested in visiting Naples, Florida during the summer time, you won’t have any problem finding an affordable place to stay or things to do for the whole family.

Here are a few reasons to visit Naples, Florida this summer:

1. Cheaper Rates

The prices for vacation rentals in Naples, will drop when visit in the summer (compared to peak season). Though seasonal destinations, like Naples Florida, have an extended busy season up to April. The off season stretches from May to October.

Bonus Tip: If you reserve your vacation rental a minimum of 6-12 weeks before traveling, you’ll have a better choice of inventory. The demand and prices will drop after and before the peak weekends for travel.

2. Fewer Tourists

No matter when you visit Naples, you can be rest assured you won’t be the only tourist in town. However, since the area dies down a bit during the summer season, you don’t have to contend with large crowds.

This makes your trip much more enjoyable on many fronts, including finding space at the beach, making restaurant reservations, and checking out local attractions.

3. Warmer Water

Is there anything worse than visiting a beach town, just to find that the ocean water is too cold to enjoy?

Well, if you visit Naples in the summer, you don’t have to worry about that. With the water temperature typically hovering around 85-degrees, you can spend your entire day playing in the waves.

4. Plenty of Golf

You can golf in Naples at any time of the year, but the summer months are among the most enjoyable. Not only will you experience smaller crowds, but the weather is enjoyable almost every day of the week.

With nearly 100 golf courses in Naples, there’s no wondering why many people call it the “Golf Capital of America.”

Tip: some golf courses have seasonal rates, allowing you to save money by hitting the links in the summer.

5. Better Fishing

In the summer, along the coast of Naples, the bit is on! You can try your hand at reeling in grouper, northern red snapper, redfish, tarpon, cobia, snook, and many others. If you need help finding a fishing charter check out our article here. Or if you want to try your luck at beach fishing check out this article.

Maybe you’re not a fisherman, but you still enjoy all the delicious seafood entrees. Well, make sure you visit any number of restaurants in the area offering locally caught fish.

Final Thoughts

Naples during the summer is a great choice if you want a great summering destination with great beaches and outstanding outdoor activities, yet you want to avoid the crowds and hustle and bustle of peak season.

These are some of reasons your family should consider visiting Naples in the summer. They are going to help you with having a great time with your family and friends and have a great vacation without spending a lot of money.

Now that you’re excited about visiting Naples this coming summer, the last step is to book your trip. With our help, you can find the perfect place to stay. From there, it’s time to set your schedule and get ready for some serious fun!

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